Call for Application for Training Sponsorship

posted 21 Dec 2014, 19:04 by HKNOS   [ updated 21 Dec 2014, 19:06 ]

Dear members of the Hong Kong Neuro-Oncology Society,

I am pleased to announce that the Hong Kong Neuro-Oncology Society will hold another round of training sponsorship for three full members to attend academic conference, training course and workshop related to neuro-oncology in Hong Kong and outside Hong Kong.

The sponsorship reimburses economy class transportation and registration cost only up to a maximum of HK$10,000/person for conference attendance and up to a maximum of HK$15,000/person for training course/workshop attendance. The call for sponsorship application will soon be posted at our website:, please apply if you have plan for such educational activities and wish to receive the sponsorship.

Stephen Yau