Council Members


Established in 2011, with members comprising oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, and neurosurgeons.

Organizational structure: 

1)     1) A Board of 15  people from different background and profession. The role is to overlook the running of the society, the projects/events initiated by the society and financial expanses.

2)     2) Council: 1 President, 2 Vice Presidents, 1 Treasurer, 1 Society Secretary and 10 Council Members

3)     3) Member: any health care professionals who are interested in neurooncology

President:                         Dr. Jenny KS Pu (Neurosurgeon, Queen Mary Hospital)

First Vice-President:         Dr. Stephen Yau (Clinical Oncologist, private practice)

Second Vice-President:    Dr. TC Lam (Clinical Oncologist, the University of Hong Kong)

Honorary Treasurer:         Dr. Carol CH Kwok (Clinical Oncologist, Princess Margaret Hospital)

Honorary Secretary:         Dr. Louisa CY Lui (Clinical Oncologist,  Princess Margaret Hospital)

Council Members:

Dr. SK Au (Clinical Oncologist, Adventist Hospital)

Dr. Tony Chan (Neurosurgeon, Princess Margaret Hospital)

Dr. Amanda NC Kan (Pathologist, the University of Hong Kong)

Dr. Michael WY Lee (Neurosurgeon, Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital)

Dr. LF Li (Neurosurgeon, Queen Mary Hospital)

Prof. Herbert HF Loong (Clinical Oncologist, the Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Dr. Calvin HK Mak (Neurosurgeon, Queen Elizabeth Hospital)

Dr. Henry KF Mak (Diagnostic Radiologist, the University of Hong Kong)

Dr. TC Tan (Neurosurgeon, private practice)

Dr. Rebecca MW Yeung (Clinical Oncologist, Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital)